Cross Street Partners’ goal is to employ the most competitive and qualified subcontractors and suppliers as part of our team. We are committed to identifying and utilizing qualified subcontractors while strongly encouraging local and minority participation.

To maintain our high standards of performance we are continually looking for opportunities to create new relationships.  If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please review the following forms.

Current projects up for bid will describe the project, provide project location, date and time of the bid, and the contact person assigned to each bid. We encourage all subcontractors wanting to work with Cross Street Partners to visit our site often to see what projects are available for bidding.

Forms and Applications

If you are interested in working with Cross Street Partners and being notified of bid opportunities, please complete our subcontractor qualification form and return to


Subcontractor Qualification Form

Insurance Requirements

Subcontractor Agreement and Safety Requirements

Warranty Form

Bid Board

Project Title




Bid Due Date

The Packing House/411 KitchenFour Eleven

411 A Dorchester Aveneu

accepting bids

Craig Hawkins/ / Molly Pitcher

June 16 / COB

The Packing House/MERGE

411 A Dorchester Ave/Suite 200

accepting bids

Craig Hawkins/ / Molly Pitcher

Core and Shell/Packing House

411A Dorchester Avenue

under construction

BOE fitout / Packing Huose

411A Dorchester Avenue

under construction

The Packing House

411 A Dorchester Avenue

under construction

2101 E.Biddle Street, Suite 1201 Baltimore, MD 21213